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Free Villa

About Offer

Free Villa

In an unprecedented offering, our company makes a proposal that changes the mechanisms of the construction and building industry movement in the United Arab Emirates.

In cooperation and coordination with major contracting companies and consultants, and by using the best building materials, we build two villas for you, and you can build the third for free in a record time.

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Discover Italian luxury

We offer you the finest Italian porcelain at competitive prices in the local and international market. Available in all types and sizes and suits all tastes, in modern shapes that keep pace with modernity and luxury at the same time. For more information, please contact us.

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Gypsum False Ceilings.

Internal Paints.

Ceramic Tiles for Walls and Floors in the Toilets / Kitchens.

Porcelain tiles for general Floors.

Marble Tiles for Stairs.

Stucco paint.

Aluminum Windows.

Wooden Doors.

External Stucco paint.

MDF Wooden wardrobes.

Free Villa

Our Working Process

We receive our client with all available documents of the lands to be built or to be completed.


The case will be studied technically and financially by a specialized team (for free).


After developing the most suitable proposals for our client and agreeing to them, a contract will be issued between our company and the client that defines the rights and obligations of each party.