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The Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, announced on Monday the launch of an industrial strategy, aimed at increasing the contribution of the industrial sector to the UAE's GDP, over the next ten years, from 133 billion to 300 billion dirhams. . In a tweet on "Twitter," Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said: "We launched, praise be to God, Operation 300Bn ... an industrial strategy for the state aimed at increasing the contribution of the industrial sector from 133 to 300 billion dirhams over the next ten years." He stressed that the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology will lead the strategy. He stressed that "the development of the industrial sector is the development of our economic stability, our global standing and the future of our generations." # Strategy Details: In detail, the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology made clear in the document the features of the strategy, which aims to raise the contribution of the industrial sector to the UAE's GDP to 300 billion dirhams (within 10 years), raise productivity, and create more job opportunities for citizens. She explained that there are 4 main objectives of the ministry's strategy: creating an appropriate and attractive business environment for local and international investors in the industrial sector, supporting the growth of national industries and enhancing their competitiveness, stimulating innovation and adopting advanced technology in industrial systems and solutions, and strengthening the country's position as a global destination for pioneering future industries. The ministry's strategy is based on basic pillars that include: spreading advanced technology applications, developing specifications and standards, increasing the national added value, and accelerating the development of advanced industry. The new strategy includes 17 specific and pivotal initiatives aiming to achieve the four main goals by 2031. The strategy builds on the country's competitive advantages, which include: an ideal destination for living and investment, an attractive business environment, a global hub for commercial flow and logistics, a world-class communications and information technology infrastructure, availability of raw materials, and a reliable provider of energy resources. The launch of the ministry's strategy reflects the UAE leadership’s interest in the industrial sector and its keenness to provide all the ingredients for success that guarantee it an effective contribution to the nation’s sustainable development process. She stressed that the industrial sector in the UAE is mainly involved in the economic development process in the country since its inception until today.