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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, announced, on Sunday, the introduction of a virtual work residence permit. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said in a tweet on his official account on Twitter: “Today I chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers at Qasr Al Watan .. during which we decided to introduce a residence permit for virtual work, whereby any employee anywhere in the world can reside in the UAE to practice his work remotely even if His company did not exist in the country through this type of residency. " "In addition to that, we decided today to adopt multi-entry tourist visas for all nationalities ... the UAE is a global economic capital ... and all our decisions will be based on this vision," he added. During the meeting, legislative amendments and reforms were also approved "regarding conciliation and mediation centers in civil and commercial disputes and on mediation to settle these disputes and the use of digital technologies in judicial procedures and transactions." The Vice President of the UAE stated: "The judiciary and legislation is one of the most important sectors that must keep pace with the rapid technological changes." He continued, "We adopted today a national system for hydrogen vehicles ... and a national program for energy and water demand management to unify efforts, especially in the field of rationalizing consumption, and the goal is to increase efficiency by 40 percent for the 3 most important energy-consuming sectors (transport, industry and construction)." The country's accession to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was also approved, in addition to the country's accession to membership of the New Development Bank for the BRICS countries. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid concluded his series of tweets by saying: "Our message to everyone .. development continues ... and change will not stop .. and our goals are clear ... and achieved ... and our teams continue day and night to consolidate our international economic and political position ... and establish a quality of life that is the best in the world for our people and all residents. On our land. "