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The UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Development Bank, Sultan Al Jaber, confirmed that the UAE is an important economic center in the region, as the industrial sector in it enjoys an exceptional support system thanks to several factors and advantages that enhance its attractiveness to attract the private sector. He explained that among these advantages are economic stability and strategic location, strong financial reserves, large sovereign wealth funds, and the size of government spending. Sultan Al-Jaber said in an interview with the Emirates News Agency "WAM", that the national strategy for industry and advanced technology was designed "from a comprehensive and integrated perspective, with the aim of making the industrial sector a major lever that contributes to the growth of the national economy in the UAE, and a central pillar in the development process for the fifty Years ahead. " He pointed out that the strategy also aims to "raise the level of industrial productivity and economic contribution, and foresee the future of the industrial sector, within a central vision that seeks to enhance the economic attractiveness of the UAE, as a center for pioneering and innovative industries, and to create a competitive environment incubator for future industries." He stressed that the strategy "is a national program to enhance the contribution of the industrial sector to sustainable economic growth," expressing his aspiration to double the contribution of the added value from the industrial sector to the gross domestic product by 2031. Regarding the steps of preparing for the new strategy of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, Al-Jaber said: “Within the forward-looking vision of the wise leadership, and with the efforts to prepare for the UAE Centennial 2071, the Ministry seeks to be a catalyst for the growth of the industrial sector and increase its contribution to economic growth .. The world is currently going through exceptional circumstances. The Covid-19 pandemic has had repercussions on all countries and various sectors, and the global economy has been affected ... and countries around the world have begun to rearrange their priorities according to their circumstances, needs and requirements. He continued, "Despite the diversity of these priorities from one country to another, there is consensus on the importance of certain sectors such as health, medicine, food, sustainable products, advanced technology and energy industries. As for us in the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, we have been keen that our strategy contributes to meeting national priorities and being a catalyst for growth." Economic. " And he continued: “In order to ensure that the ministry’s strategy keeps pace with reality and meets the ambitious goals for the future, we took global developments and changes into account. Realizing the importance of concerted efforts and cooperation with partners involved in the industrial sector, the work team in the ministry started a comprehensive study through which dialogue sessions, discussions and questionnaires were held with various Stakeholders and parties from the government and private sectors. He explained that there were meetings with at least 200 stakeholders and stakeholders, more than 40 workshops were organized, more than 10 specialized questionnaires were conducted, and the work team conducted a comparative study of the industrial sector with different models from countries. He explained, "As a result of these efforts, we reached an assessment of the current situation, and accordingly, the ministry’s strategy was developed that builds on what the industrial sector has achieved during the past period and seeks to enhance its ability to contribute to the implementation of the vision set by our wise leadership for the future of the country for the next fifty years, with emphasis. To benefit from advanced technology and the solutions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. "