We receive our client with all available documents of the lands to be built or to be completed.

The case will be studied technically and financially by a specialized team (for free).

After developing the most suitable proposals for our client and agreeing to them, a contract will be issued between our company and the client that defines the rights and obligations of each party.

Among the most leading rights of our client with our company:

Nominating several contractors and consultants for the client to choose among them to implement the work (In case if the client does not have a specific contractor or consultant to assign) with the commitment of the contractor assigned to carry out the works with all the details of the offer technically and financially.

Our company represents the client with the contractor and the consultant to follow up all the implementation of the construction work and monitoring the payments over the period of the project until its completion.

Our company - according to our contract with the client - is the reference for the client in all matters related to implementing the project with all relevant parties to accomplish the project in the highest form and the lowest period in accordance with the laws and regulations in United Arab Emirates.

Our company advises and suggests the client if he wishes to obtain financial funds to implement the project and obtaining payment facilities with the contractor and the consultant.